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Welcome to


We are a Spiritual Charity that embraces Holistic Healing, The Arts and brings Magic

into Our Client’s Lives!


We honor the struggles people face living with chronic pain syndromes, such as Fibromyalgia,

and recognize that medicine alone, isn’t enough.


At Madelainartz we pride ourselves on treating the whole person, not just their body.


Take the time to ask Your-self the following questions:

  • Is Your life not going the way you had planned?

  • Are You always feeling confused, dissatisfied with an area of your life or even lost?

  • Are You finding it hard doing everything on your own?

  • Would you appreciate some Spiritual Intervention and Guidance?

  • Do You have Fibromyalgia?


If you’ve answered YES to any of the above questions then Madelainartz can help YOU!



Since opening our doors in 2009 in Clayton Square, Liverpool, as an art gallery to raise awareness of the chronic pain syndrome Fibromyalgia, the last five years we have evolved into a Healing Gallery on The Wirral Peninsula.

We have had the honour in supporting many sufferers of Fibromaylgia through One to One support; Managing Fibromyalgia Workshops; raising much needed awareness and touching lives far and wide with the benefit of our Social Media platforms.


Madelainartz is run by a board of Trustees and Directors who are all Volunteers. Through our work we are passionate about educating society in utilising The Arts and Holistic Healing techniques to bring about healing of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Today we are a Registered Charity that no longer occupies a physical gallery space but offers you an online gallery where original artwork can be perused and purchased at your leisure. (See Gallery) Plus our Spiritual Services and Workshops. (See Services)

A total of 100% of the profit which is raised through the services we provide, go to support local sufferers of Fibromyalgia in the community.

Madelainartz offers a confidential 'One to One' service for sufferers of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain, to come in and discuss their health problems in a secure and compassionate environment. As we believe, at Madelainartz, that it can have a truly positive impact upon a sufferer's life when they meet someone else in their position!

An additional string to our Spiritual bow is we are proud to announce that our Director and Founder Madelaina Murthwaite was ordained in October 2017 into the Corinthian Church and Healing Association and is able to offer our Clients her expertise and compassion in officiating at Weddings and Funerals as The Reverend Maddy Murthwaite.


If you would like a One to One, purchase artwork or avail of our Spiritual Services then simply Contact us here.


We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Our very Best Wishes


The Board of Trustees and Director at Madelainartz



  • 1 - 2 - 1 Readings

  • Spiritual Development

  • Coaching

  • Healing & Reiki 

  • Fibro Support 

  • Meet The Reverend


Madelainartz hold regular events to raise funds for Fibromyalgics


There are no Events planned at this time*

For Daily Spiritual Guidance Please Join The Magic of Spirit Private Facebook Group.




There are no WORKSHOPS planned at this time*

For Daily Spiritual Guidance Please Join The Magic of Spirit Private Facebook Group.


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Barry Waring, DreamBuilder Coaching Program

I have recently finished the Dream Builder programme under the guidance of my coach Maddy Murthwaite, this is an amazing programme to follow, it takes you on a journey on which will look at every aspect of yourself and your life in ways you can’t imagine on your own, it will test you and make you question many things, but most of all it will make you grow as a person.
What made this special for me was i was lucky enough to have such a great coach, Maddy listens and understands where your coming from, she helps you focus on what you would like more of in your life, love, wealth, health or wherever your dreams takes you, then step by step she explains in a light-hearted, relaxed but very informative way how to transform yourself not only into the person you want to be but how to get to the place you want to be. Accompanying Maddy’s excellent coaching skills the Dream Builder programme is aided with meditation and informative recorded tuitions for you to listen to which make this a life changing experience.
Thank you Maddy, big love to you. xx



Tracey Ellis, Healing

I have multiple medical conditions which have caused a condition called Chronic Pain Syndrome. This means no pain killers get rid of the pain completely which means I always have a certain degree of pain. I attended my first healing circle in 2017. I was on a maximum dose of all of my medication and doctors said there was nothing else they couldn’t do anything else for my pain.


I have an electric wheelchair and at the time could not stand for more than a few seconds. After the first Healing Circle I managed to sleep better that night as well as making breakfast without having to sit down and going back to finish. I was able to see an improvement as the days and weeks went on. I booked in for further appointments with Maddy and attend every 2 weeks. Through this I have been able to stop one of my pain medications. My mobility has improved so much now that I can manage the stairs in Madelainartz.


I can do my hobbies and have got more energy that before because I am sleeping better. Since the first healing circle I have been able to lose 2 St in weight. Having healing has helped me cope with several deaths in my family as well as broadened my circle of friends.


Jojo Kilty, 

Transformational and Spirtitual Empowerment Coaching

When i started to have transformational and spiritual empowerment coaching with Maddy I was feeling very low, had real bad anxiety and felt demotivated, lacking focus and i felt lonely.


Maddy made me feel relaxed and found her easy to talk too. Maddy inspired me to be a better person and has helped me see the positives in my life, how to deal with my anxiety and my negative thinking.


My sessions with Maddy have been life changing. She has helped me to focus on myself and it has made me look at life from a different perspective. I am more positive, my self esteem and confidence are much improved and most of all i now know how to love myself. 

I would strongly recommend Transformational and Spiritual Empowerment Coaching, as sometimes as a result of explaining your feelings to someone else you become able to understand them better yourself.

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